Courses and Classes

Theorie van de gecondenseerde materie (Condensed matter theory)

An undergraduate class in Dutch, taught from 1992-1994. Subjects include: second quantization, exchange interaction, the Heisenberg model, magnons, Drude transport theory, Hartree Fock theory, tight binding models, de Haas van Alphen effect, phonons, the electron-phonon interaction, and the BCS theory.

Chaos Masterclass

At Universiteit Leiden, we yearly organize so-called masterclasses for highschool students with a strong interest in the sciences (typically 5 and 6 VWO, in Dutch school terminology). These consists of three meetings on consequtive Saturdays. Together with Martin van Hecke, who then was a graduate student in Leiden, I organized such a course on CHAOS in 1997. I expect to offer this masterclass again in the spring of 2000. A syllabus in Dutch is available.

Advanced Condensed Matter Theory (Fall 1999; in English)

This course, which has been given in 1995, 1996, and 1998, is aimed at graduate students in condensed matter physics. It is offered in the context of the COMOP cooperation with the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit. Subjects include Fermi liquid theory, the Kondo effect, and symmetry breaking.
Here is more information on the course offered in the fall of 1999.

This will be the last time the course will be offered in this form by Wim van Saarloos. Kareljan Schoutens from the University of Amsterdam will teach the course in the spring of 2001.

Interactive Course Theoretical Physics and Mathematics: Dynamical Systems and Nonequilibrium Pattern Formation (Fall 1999; in English)

This is an interactive course ("werkgroep'') aimed at undergraduate students, but open to anyone interested. The aim is to become familiar with modern concepts in the field of dynamical systems and non-equilibrium pattern formation.
Here is more information.

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