Werkgroep Theoretische Natuurkunde en Wiskunde
voor studenten, promovendi en overige geïnteresseerden
Dynamische systemen en niet-evenwichts patroon vorming

Interactive course Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
Dynamical Systems and Nonequilibrium Pattern Formation


prof. L. A. Peletier (Mathematics Department)
  prof. W. van Saarloos (Instituut-Lorentz, LION)
  drs. G. B. van den Berg (Mathematics Department)
  dr. J. Müller, drs. C. Storm, dr. G. Tripathy (Instituut-Lorentz, LION)
language: the course language will be English, but of course there is room for questions and clarifications in Dutch
dates: all prospective participants are invited to attend a first general information meeting on Wednesday afternoon September 15 from 14-15 hours.
  the sessions will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 14-17 hours, on 22 and 29 September, 6, 13, 20 and 27 October, 3, 10, 17 and 24 November, and on 1 and 8 December
place: the meetings will be held at room 204 of the Huygens Laboratory


Aim and setup of the course
The course is aimed at students in mathematics and (theoretical) physics in their fourth or fifth year, but is open to PhD students or others who are interested as well. The aim is to become familiar with modern concepts in the fields of dynamical systems and non-equilibrium pattern formation to a level that participants should be able to start reading the literature in these field by themselves. The course will have an interactive and informal setup: an important aspect of the course is that the participants are expected to try at home the exercises in the syllabus prepared by the instructors. These problems are then discussed on the blackboard during the meetings. During these meetings, the course instructors will also discuss additional background material, or present other examples or a brief overview of experimental studies of the type of problems which have been analyzed.

Students who successfully complete the course will get 7 "studiepunten".

At the twelve sessions, the following subjects will be discussed:
One dimensional maps (Jan Bouwe van den Berg)
One dimensional maps and chaos (Jan Bouwe van den Berg)
The buckling instability (Bert Peletier)
Hopf bifurcations in a forced oscillator or in coupled chemical reactions (Judith Müller)
Reaction diffusion equations (Bert Peletier)
The Turing instability and pattern formation in chemical systems
(Judith Müller)
The Navier-Stokes equations of Fluid Dynamics (Wim van Saarloos)
The Rayleigh-Bénard instability and the formation of convection patterns (Wim van Saarloos)
Derivation of amplitude equations: weakly nonlinear theory
(Kees Storm)
Implications of the amplitude equation description: analysis of pattern dynamics near threshold (Kees Storm)
Front formation in the nonlinear diffusion equation (Goutam Tripathy)
Front propagation into unstable states (Goutam Tripathy)

For further information, contact:
L. A. Peletier, phone 071-5277136, email: peletier@wi.leidenuniv.nl
W. van Saarloos, phone 071-5275501, email: saarloos@lorentz.leidenuniv.nl

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