Wim van Saarloos: photographs

With black background
Official picture of the website Leidse Wetenschappers; also available with white background.
In case of publication, please indicate Photo: Astrid Koppers, copyright 2008 Universiteit Leiden.
See also my older picture and my official entry on the university website with my writeup.

On the bike
I normally go to work by bike, but this one was taken at another occasion (about 1996).

On the Colorado river
Watch Herbert Levine (left front, now at UCSD) and David Kessler (right front, now at Bar-Ilan) lead Len Sander (Ann Arbor), David Kurtze (now at North Dakota State), Alain Karma (now at Northeastern), Wim van Saarloos (now at Leiden), Vincent Hakim (now at the ENS, Paris) and another mathematician down the Colorado river during an Aspen workshop in the mid eighties.

On the personality pages
On January 10 2000, I received the Descartes-Huygens prize from the French ambassador to the Netherlands in recognition of previous collaborations with French colleagues, and in order to stimulate further interactions in the future. This picture is taken from the "personality pages" of de Telegraaf, a national Dutch newspaper.

In my office
Just a photo in my office at the university, about 2000.

In front of the leaded glass windows made by Harm Kamerlingh Onnes
Picture taken by Betsy Wilczek in front of a copy of the leaded glass windows made by Harm Kamerlingh Onnes commemorating the discovery of the Zeeman effect and Lorentz's explanation of it. This picture was taken after Frank Wilczek received the Lorentz Medal in October 2002.

With pebbles
A picture taken by a professional photographer just outside our physics building, for an article in our university bulletin at the occasion of getting the Descartes-Huygens prize. The pebbles I hold in my hand are supposed to symbolize that I will use some of the funds from the prize to work on granular media in France (around 2000).

During the institute outing
Every year during the early summer, the graduate students and postdocs organize an institute outing. In 2003 we went kanoeing and kayaking close to Leiden. This picture was taken by Daniel Nogradi halfway during the trip. Do check out Daniel's other pictures of the outing, or those of Ian McCulloch.

With a little goat
Phil Stamp from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, who was visiting Leiden for a couple of weeks, joined us on our institute outing in 2003. When we stopped at a farm I fed a little lamb; Phil found this so charming that he made several pictures of it. You may try this one too, or the one in which I posed with suncream and my water, after returning. Do check out Phil's other pictures too!

With spilled coffee
In the May 2004 issue of the Dutch popular science journal "Natuur, Wetenschap en Techniek" (Nature, Science and Technology) appeared an interview with me. The journalist was particularly intrigued by my lowlights and misses page, and hence wanted to know about my failures in life - the title in Dutch indeed read "Succesvolle Brokkenpiloot". The photographer of the journal wanted to illustrate my failures symbolically by showing me with spilled coffee... A second more serious picture shows me with a Taylor-Couette cell.

Amsterdam-New Amsterdam meeting
With David Reichman at a poster session at the Amsterdam-New Amsterdam soft matter meeting in New York, November 2006. For this occasion Leiden counts as a suburb of Amsterdam. Daan Frenkel is standing in the background.

3 girls with Wouter Bos
This picture is not of me, but of my three daughters Paulian (left), Simone (middle) and Alieke (right), with Wouter Bos, the leader of the social democrats in the Netherlands. The picture was taken just before the November 2006 elections in the Netherlands, after Bos had delivered a campaign speech in Leiden. Whether he lost the elections due to this compromising picture is not known.

Lorentz with double pendulum
This picture is not of me, but of Lorentz, after he has given a lecture on the double pendulum. This photograph is hanging in my office.

Philosophical looks with tree
Four pictures taken bij a professional photographer for a booklet of our science foundation NWO; see also photo2, photo3, and photo4.

With mayor of Leiden
Picture of Lenferink, the mayor of Leiden, and me, taken on April 25 2008 when I was decorated to decorated Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw. You can also watch a the ceremony on YouTube.

With 3TU review committee
In October 2008, I chaired a committee that performed a mid-term review of the physics departments of the 3 Technical Universities in the Netherlands. This picture was taken by Vinod Subramaniam of Twente after the oral presentation of our main findings and recommendations. Left to right: Denise Krol (UC Davis), Arie Korbijn (KNAW), Rob Hartman (ASML), myself, Gerrit Burgers (KNMI), and Muhsin Harakeh (KVI Groningen).

With DJA on Wheels
In the fall of 2008, the junior branch of the Dutch Royal Academy, De Jonge Academie (DJA), visited a number of highschools in Holland to promote science and to show that doing science is fun - the program is called "DJA on Wheels". I joined the tour for a visit to a school in Zeist, where these pictures where taken. Other pictures: overseeing the pipette station during a race; during a workshop in a classroom; the whole crew after the closing of the event.

With Lorentz Center staff in a balloon
In June 2009, we celebrated the 65th birthday of Martje Kruk, executive manager of the Lorentz Center, by making a balloon ride with the staff. Left to right: Gerda Filippo, me, Corrie Kuster, Martje Kruk, and Henriette Jensenius (missing is Auke Planjer, who unfortunately could not make it, for personal reasons). Check the other photographs, which the pilot made, too!

Group photo
A group photo in front of our Oort building made, of our theory group together with the one of Martin van Hecke (the person on the front row, on the left). The picture is taken in September 2009, a few weeks before my move to FOM and signifies a historic moment, as also Vincenzo Vitelli is on the picture. Vincenzo is joining the faculty of the physics department in January 2010, and he will essentially take over the soft matter theory group from me; Vincenzo is the one standing with a notepad.

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